Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ready to breathe?

I felt there was a need to respond to some of the bloggers out there who think that posting a picture and a couple of hateful phrases deems you a star/celebrity blogger. There's a lot more to the blog world than that...

Think about it...people are out there everyday, consuming the likes of gossip blogs, and the celebrities are restless. With the economy in the trash, we want to talk about this, but is it worth it all the time, especially when infiltrated by untrained eyes?

Welcome to the Black Sexy Blog Collective. I feature the girls that get hated on, the underdogs, and those who are rising above it all. You probably read some of their blogs, but I felt it important to create a platform where we could talk to these women, and get into the DNA of the Black Blogger, while creating real journalism...and real talk.

The ladies featured here are radio hosts, models...they do a lot more than just talk about a picture. It's time for change, right? Time to celebrate the gift of the black lady blogger...

Welcome to the collective. Stay tuned.